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Rûdaw TV live

– Channel: Rûdaw TV

Rûdaw TV

Rûdaw TV

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– Description: Rudaw Media Network (in Kurdish:تۆڕی میدیایی ڕووداو) is a Kurdish media group in Hewlêr/Erbil in Kurdistan of Iraq.

Rudaw owns a weekly newspaper in the Sorani dialect with a circulation of 3,000, as well as a Kurmanci-language version, published in Europe; a website in Kurdish and English; as well as a satellite TV station. The Kurdistan Tribune reported in 2012 that Rudaw is closely linked to the ruling KDP, particularly Nechirvan Barzani, KDP deputy president and Premier. Rudaw is live more than any other Kurdish channels, Rudaw says they are number 1 in Kurdistan.
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– Country: Iraq
– Language: Kurdish
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