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RTM TV1 live

– Channel: RTM TV1

TV1 (Malaysia)

TV1 (Malaysia)

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– Description: TV1 is a Malaysian public television channel owned and operated by Radio Televisyen Malaysia. Launched on 28 December 1963, TV1 is the first and oldest TV station in Malaysia. Currently, TV1 broadcasts 24 hours a day from August 21, 2012 onwards.

Between 1972 and 1994, TV1 shared time with TV Pendidikan (Education TV) in the daytime on weekdays, this was cancelled after TV1 introduced daytime transmissions in 1994. TV2 continued the TV Pendidikan until 1999.

TV1 broadcasts on VHF channel 5 and UHF channel 46 in Kuala Lumpur, but only the UHF signal could receive in the suburbs.
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– Country: Malaysia
– Language: Malay
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