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ITV3 +1 live

– Channel: ITV3 +1

ITV3 +1

ITV3 +1

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– Description: ITV launched a one hour timeshift channel of ITV3 on Monday 30 October 2006, it was allocated channel number 213 on Sky. ITV2 +1 was launched on the same day. This channel is often unable to broadcast certain programmes “for legal reasons”, but the programme in question might still be listed on the EPG. The channel launched on Freeview on 15 October 2013 using downtime from ITV-owned shopping channel The Store. Initially on Freeview, ITV3 +1 broadcast from 01:00 till 06:00 – these hours were extended and brought forward in February 2014, now airing from 18:00 till 00:00 in the higher EPG slot of channel 34.
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– Country: United Kingdom
– Language: English
– Category: shopping

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