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DR 2 live

– Channel: DR 2

DR 2

DR 2

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– Description: DR2 is a Danish television station. It is part of Danmarks Radio, the public service broadcasting company of Denmark.

It was launched in 1996 as a satellite-/cable-only channel. This was highly controversial at the time, as it was considered close to a breach of public service principles that the new station did not reach all viewers. Adding to the critics’ cause was the fact that DR did in fact have broadband spectrum available for terrestrial broadcasts. However, this was being reserved for digital broadcasting tests. The less-than-100%-coverage coupled with a “highbrow” reputation resulted in low ratings which in turn earned it the nickname “the secret channel” to the regret of the director general who had been pushing the line “my channel” (in the sense of programmes appealing to individuals, not the whole family as DR1 supposedly). This was finally remedied on March 31, 2006 when terrestrial digital broadcasts started.
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– Country: Denmark
– Language: Danish
– Category: Cable

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