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CCTV5+HD Sport live

– Channel: CCTV5+HD Sport live

CCTV-5+ Sports Plus

CCTV-5+ Sports Plus

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– Description: CCTV-5+ (Sports Plus)(Chinese: 中国中央电视台体育赛事频道) formerly CCTV-HD is China Central Television’s channel designed to broadcast sports events in HD. It was tested in Beijing on 1 January 2008, and launched officially on 30 June 2008 known as CCTV-HD. CCTV-HD was created specifically for the 2008 Summer Olympics and 2008 Summer Paralympics.
Because there are more and more HD channels in China, CCTV has decided to change the channel name into “CCTV-5+ Sports Plus” since Aug. 18, 2013. It’s the second sports channel of CCTV.
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– Country: China
– Language: Chinese
– Category: Sports

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