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canal + family 2 hd live


– Channel: canal + family 2 hd

Canal+Family HD

Canal+Family HD

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– Description: Canal+ Poland is Poland’s variation of the French television network Canal+. It is similar in many ways, including continuity and presentation. It also shows similar programs to Canal+ France like the TV-series The Simpsons.

Canal+ Poland also has sister channels which include Canal+ Film, Canal+ Film HD, Canal+ Sport, Canal+ Sport HD, Canal+ Gol, Canal+ Gol HD, Canal+ Weekend, Canal+ Weekend HD (weekends only) and Canal+ 3D. Canal+ is carried by the Cyfra+ Package which is associated with Canal+. It broadcasts on the Hot Bird Satellites at 13e. From 05.04.2013 after fusion cyfra+ and n all channels change their names to Canal+, Canal+ HD, Canal+Film, Canal+Film HD, Canal+Film2, Canal+Film2 HD, Canal+Sport, Canal+Sport HD, Canal+Family, Canal+Family HD, Canal+Family2, Canal+Family2 HD.
– Home:
– Stream : plus Film HD live.htm
– Country: Poland
– Language: Polish
– Category: Family

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