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Asia Television live

– Channel: Asia Television

Asia Television

Asia Television

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– Description: Asia Television Limited (Chinese: 亞洲電視有限公司) is one of the two free-to-air television broadcasters in Hong Kong, the other being rival Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB). It launched in 1957 under the name Rediffusion Television as the first television station in Hong Kong. It was bought out, renamed, and restructured to “Asia Television Limited” in 1982.

ATV currently operates six channels: the 24-hour ATV Home channel in Cantonese; the 22-hour ATV World channel in English; the 24-hour Cantonese satellite channel ATV Home (America), which is accessible in North America via satellite, and three digital DMB-T/H channels: aTV Asia, a 24-hour high-definition channel; CCTV-1, the general channel of China Central Television, China.
– Home:
– Stream : mms://
– Country: Hong Kong
– Language: Chinese
– Category: News

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